The Pebble Range

The Pebble Range provides an endless choice of unusual wooden gifts for all occasions. All consisting of handmade wooden items by The Wooden Gem. Handcrafted wooden chopping boards and wooden home decor ideas. Created from the infamous solid black walnut. This wooden gift range offers Black Walnut chopping boards and wooden home decorative pieces. Unusual handmade wooden items from high-quality hardwood to boast smooth and pillow-like curves. Almost mimicking pebbles on the beach! The Pebble – black walnut chopping board is designed for functionality, whilst still providing the wow factor for each and every recipient. What’s not to love? This is our signature chopping board design here at The Wooden Gem! The Pebble Range of bespoke handmade wooden chopping boards has certainly made its mark in the wooden gifting world. Now the best seller from our array of unique handmade wooden products.

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