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Aug 3, 2023 | The Wooden Gem

In a world full of factory-produced items, lacking any uniqueness or individuality, finding truly special and one-of-a-kind wooden presents for our loved ones can be quite challenging. Thankfully, The Wooden Gem is here with a whole range of unusual wooden gift ideas to truly treat those close to you.

Here at The Wooden Gem, we are proud to offer a bunch of extraordinary handmade wooden gifts that are beautiful, unique, and robust. Here are all of our treasures and why they make such good gifts!


Handmade Chopping Boards

Nothing says sophistication like a beautifully crafted handmade chopping board as your kitchen counter centrepiece.

Beautiful, functional and long-lasting, our range of handmade chopping boards makes thoughtful and unusual wooden gift ideas that will stay with the receiver for years and years to come.


What Makes Our Handmade Chopping Boards So Special?

Our handmade chopping boards are crafted with love by The Wooden Gem, who pays close attention to the natural patterns and variations in the wood, working with these natural designs to create chopping boards that are one-of-a-kind and exclusive. No two are ever the same. This means, when you give one of our handmade chopping boards, you are giving something that can never be replicated. It is the only one like it in the world.

Here at The Wooden Gem, every chopping board is a masterpiece. As a result of the way we craft with the natural wood in mind, each board carries its own story, reflecting the charm and character of the wood it was crafted from.

Our dedication to using only the finest quality wood ensures that these handmade chopping boards are strong, sturdy, and robust – promising years of reliable use. Whether the board receives regular or occasional use, rest assured that they can withstand any challenge that comes their way, mirroring the resilience of mighty trees that stand tall against the worst of weather conditions.


Unusual Wooden Gift Ideas Number 1 – Our Handmade Chopping Boards

We have a chopping board for everybody’s taste and style so that you never have to think about unusual wooden gift ideas again!

Ash Prevalence Chopping Board Crafted from the finest ash wood, this rectangular board is one of our most natural-looking designs due to its captivating swirling grain patterns and light colouration.

Cobbled Oak Chopping Board – This oak chopping board is for those on the quirkier side, due to its show-stopping shape – unlike any of our other designs.

Maple Prominence Chopping Board This Maple chopping board is admired for its sleek and elegant standing design. Created to easily be stowed away, this board is perfect for those with limited space. It even has a handle!

Pebbled Walnut Chopping Board This tear-drop-shaped board is our darkest option. The rich hues of walnut wood make this board particularly stunning. Make sure to also check out our Pebbled Walnut Chopping Board hanging option, for those who like to put their kitchen boards on display!

Pinnacle Iroko Chopping Board – Reach the pinnacle of kitchen delight with this board! This smooth-sided board uses African Iroko and is a great option to add a sleek feel to your kitchen. We have a hanging option too!

Primal Oak Chopping Board This rectangular, handcrafted Oak chopping board is impressively thick and incredibly robust. Enough said!

Privy Ash Chopping Board This rectangular board rocks a beautiful straight grain and is amazing for everyday cooking. It even has the option for hanging!


Table top full of The Wooden Gems unusual wooden gifts


Unusual Wooden Gift Ideas Number 2 – Tea Light Holders

Our tea light holders make wonderful handmade wooden gifts. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail, these holders are a great way to safely enjoy the glow of candles in any room.

Just like our handmade chopping boards, our tea light holders also use the finest wood to create stunning, smooth and safe gifts.

If our handmade chopping boards don’t quite meet your gifting needs, our tea light holders are the perfect alternative. These delicate and meaningful creations are sure to captivate with their charm and elegance. Get your loved ones something truly heartfelt, check out our range of tealight holders below!

Pebble Tealight Holder Inspired by nature, this rich-coloured tealight holder takes the shape and design of a pebble. Smooth, delicate, and sweet, it is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any home decor!

Pinnacle Wooden Tealight HolderAlso rocking the pebble shape, this solid, wooden tealight holder is the lighter alternative to the Pebble tealight holder.

Resolute Wooden Tealight HolderCreated from reclaimed Mahogany hardwood, this bold design is perfect for creating a tealight display. This square design is different from our other designs, and we believe is perfect for those who like simplicity.

Spalted Wooden Tealight Holders – These holders come in a single or pair option. Tall, unique, and designed to show off the natural patterns of the Spalted hardwood, these beautiful candle towers make for lovely handmade wooden gifts.


Unusual Wooden Gift Ideas Number 3 – Trinket Pods

Versatile and meaningful, our trinket pods serve as perfect guardians for things of importance. Whether placed near the front door to hold keys, used to safeguard cherished keepsakes, used as a place to store delicate jewellery when it’s time for bed or as a sanctuary for miscellaneous items seeking a home, our trinket pods give things that don’t have a home, a place to stay. Make them the treasured keepers of whatever your heart desires!

Trinket pods are uncommon to come by on the high street, especially ones made from real wood. If you’ve bought your loved ones dainty earrings or special rings in the past, it might be time to gift them a place to keep them safe when they’re not being worn with one of our trinket pods!

Cobbled Oak Trinket Pod – This mini pod embraces the wood’s natural patterns, colours and texture to create a simplistic trinket pod design. This pod not only offers secure storage but also infuses a touch of nature’s beauty into your cherished keepsakes.

Pebble Trinket Pod – Inspired by the smoothness of pebbles, this sleek and elegant piece adds a touch of sophistication to your home while guarding your prized possessions. A little larger than our mini trinket options, this pod is designed to hold more!

Pinnacle Wooden Trinket Pod – Created with light-coloured Iroko wood, this is another mini trinket pod that will be adored by all who receive it!


Trinket pod gift made by The Wooden Gem - unusual wooden gifts ideas


Unusual Wooden Gift Ideas – What Else Can The Wooden Gem Offer?

Here at The Wooden Gem, our craftsmanship does not stop at handmade chopping boards, tea light holders, and trinket pods. We wanted to make sure we have handmade wooden gifts for everybody’s preference, which is why we also offer a handful of other unusual wooden gift ideas.

When you explore our collections of handmade wooden gifts, you’ll come across our charming collection of wooden charcuterie boards, perfect for those food enthusiasts! Crafted with the same dedication to quality and artistry as our other products, these boards are perfect for the loved one who has everything. From our Maple Reprise Wooden Charcuterie Board to our Resolute Wooden Serving Platters, make sure to consider these special handmade wooden gifts for those who love to cook!

You’ll also stumble across our range of wooden coasters. Whether you like our Spalted Wooden Coasters or our Cobbled Oak Coasters, each is polished to perfection that makes fantastic handmade wooden gifts, for those who have everything!

For friends and family who love to keep their home smelling fresh, our Eco-Friendly Air Freshener options are a must! Unlike conventional air fresheners that may contain harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances, our eco-friendly air fresheners are crafted with the environment in mind.


Looking For Unusual Wooden Gift Ideas? The Wooden Gem Can Help!

Step into the world of wooden gift ideas and start giving gifts that matter. Here at The Wooden Gem, our enchanting collection of handmade wooden gifts makes gift-giving easy as pie. Check out our shop now!

Ready to elevate your gift-giving? Contact The Wooden Gem today!

Tea Light Holders

If you’re looking for charm, our tea light holders are for you.

Everyone loves getting candles for Christmas. We don’t often buy them for ourselves, but we all enjoy their cosy glow, especially during the colder months.

However, what’s a candle without a nice holder? Here at The Wooden Gem, our unusual wooden gifts come in the shape of tea light holders too!

We are proud to supply handmade, unique wooden tea light holders to elevate any candle experience. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of our Walnut Pebble Tealight Holders or the sleek allure of our Spalted Wood Tealight Towers, you can rest assured that the elegance of these passionately crafted wooden pieces will be a joyous gift for anybody.

If you’re looking for unique wooden gift ideas for this Christmas, our handmade tea light holders are the perfect choice!


Trinket Pods

For that person who seems to have everything, why not offer them a place to keep it all?

Give your special someone a spot to keep their jewellery, keys, coins, and all those cherished little items! Our trinket pods are not just cute but practical too. Each one is carefully crafted with locally sourced wood, making it truly special.

Whether you choose the creamy tones of our Pinnacle Wooden Trinket Pod or the rustic charm of our Pebble Trinket Pod, these unusual wooden gifts from The Wooden Gem are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a Christmas gift that’s a little different!

Take a look at our trinket pods!


What Makes The Wooden Gem So Special?

Here at The Wooden Gem, we take immense pride in offering gorgeous wooden gift ideas that are all crafted from locally sourced, sustainable wood.

Our dedication to responsible and ethical sourcing practices means we can create breathtaking wooden gifts, without harming the environment.

With each order, we plant a tree, so that whatever we take from the earth, we are replenishing.

Along with being a greener choice of gift, our unusual wooden gifts are also one of a kind. Set apart from mass-produced items commonly found in stores, each item is lovingly handcrafted, meaning no two are alike.

In a world of consumerism, give your loved ones the refreshing gift of a 100% unique, handmade wooden gift from The Wooden Gem!

Handmade wooden trinket pod by The Wooden Gem

The Wooden Gem Has The Best Unique Wooden Gift Ideas For Christmas 2023!

Choosing the perfect gift this Christmas doesn’t have to be a chore. Take a look at The Wooden Gem’s range of wooden wonders to find unique wooden gift ideas!

From our Maple Chopping Board, our Walnut Chopping Board, our tealight holders and trinket pods and our much loved Iroko Chopping Board, we’ve got something for everyone.

If you’re craving more, we have more unusual wooden gifts! From serving platters, wooden coasters and eco-friendly air fresheners, browse our shop for more!

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