Wooden Wedding Gifts – How To Choose The Perfect Gift For The Newlyweds!

Apr 27, 2023 | The Wooden Gem, Inspiration

Wooden Wedding Gifts Are On The Rise – Here’s why!

Wedding season is almost upon us, and with it comes the stress of selecting the perfect gift for the happy couple.

With so many options available, choosing the perfect wedding gift can be daunting. We all want to ensure we are gifting something unique, valuable, and usable.

Leave the overpriced champagne, put down the toaster, and step away from the personalised wine glasses. Here at The Wooden Gem, we have something even better.

Unique wooden gifts are not only elegant and long-lasting, but they hold a special meaning that makes them perfect for a wedding gift. Here’s how to choose the perfect wooden wedding gifts that’ll be loved for years to come!

Pebble chopping board made at The Wooden Gem for wooden wedding gifts


The first thing to consider when selecting a wooden wedding gift is the couple’s style. Every couple has a unique personality, and it’s only fair to choose wooden wedding gifts that reflect this.

If the special couple is into antique, boho styles, The Wooden Gem’s Pebble Chopping Board is sure to impress. This stunning handcrafted piece is completely unique and perfect for those who value character and aesthetic.

The Pebble Chopping Board is not only beautiful but also highly functional, making it an ideal gift for newlyweds who love to cook!

Alternatively, if the couple enjoys more modern, minimalist designs, our Prominence Chopping Boards are a great choice. Simple but sleek, these wooden chopping boards will fit any kitchen design and size.


The perfect wooden wedding present is not just beautiful; it is also practical. When selecting wooden wedding gifts, think about their usefulness to the couple. Wooden chopping boards, tea light holders, pebble pods, and coasters are all gifts that are both functional and special. Make sure to take a look at the range of unique wooden gifts The Wooden Gem has to offer here.

Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly

As we become more aware of the impact that our daily lives have on the planet, it’s crucial to take steps to minimize our carbon footprint. One excellent way to do this is to choose wooden wedding gifts that are made from sustainably sourced wood and have a minimal impact on the environment.

The Wooden Gem is proud to offer a collection of one-of-a-kind handmade wooden gifts that are made exclusively from sustainably sourced wood. We believe in responsible and ethical sourcing practices that help to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. For every order placed, we also plant a tree as part of our effort to give back to the planet.

Our unique wooden gifts are not like the typical mass-produced items that you find in stores. Each one is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality. This also means that our products are designed to last a lifetime, unlike other items that are made to be replaced after a short period of use.

By choosing The Wooden Gem, you can help to break the cycle of constantly buying, using, and disposing of household items. Instead, the newlyweds will have a beautiful, high-quality item that will stay with them for years to come – what’s more eco-friendly than that?

Newlyweds and flowers - The Wooden Gem wooden wedding gifts


When selecting wooden wedding gifts, it’s important to consider size. A small chopping board in a large kitchen can look lost and out of place. A large chopping board in a small kitchen can end up being a space burden. A large dining room table may look best with a medium tealight holder, while a small tea light holder would suit a small coffee table perfectly.

Luckily, The Wooden Gem has every size you could need. Small, medium, large, long – shop the range here!

Find The Perfect Wooden Wedding Gifts Here – Shop The Wooden Gem

Choosing the perfect wooden wedding gift for the newlyweds doesn’t have to be a task. If you’re reading this blog, you’re already on the right path to stunning, functional, and unique wooden gifts that the newlyweds will cherish for years to come.

If you have any questions or want more advice on selecting the perfect gift, contact The Wooden Gem here today.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tea Light Holders

If you’re looking for charm, our tea light holders are for you.

Everyone loves getting candles for Christmas. We don’t often buy them for ourselves, but we all enjoy their cosy glow, especially during the colder months.

However, what’s a candle without a nice holder? Here at The Wooden Gem, our unusual wooden gifts come in the shape of tea light holders too!

We are proud to supply handmade, unique wooden tea light holders to elevate any candle experience. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of our Walnut Pebble Tealight Holders or the sleek allure of our Spalted Wood Tealight Towers, you can rest assured that the elegance of these passionately crafted wooden pieces will be a joyous gift for anybody.

If you’re looking for unique wooden gift ideas for this Christmas, our handmade tea light holders are the perfect choice!


Trinket Pods

For that person who seems to have everything, why not offer them a place to keep it all?

Give your special someone a spot to keep their jewellery, keys, coins, and all those cherished little items! Our trinket pods are not just cute but practical too. Each one is carefully crafted with locally sourced wood, making it truly special.

Whether you choose the creamy tones of our Pinnacle Wooden Trinket Pod or the rustic charm of our Pebble Trinket Pod, these unusual wooden gifts from The Wooden Gem are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a Christmas gift that’s a little different!

Take a look at our trinket pods!


What Makes The Wooden Gem So Special?

Here at The Wooden Gem, we take immense pride in offering gorgeous wooden gift ideas that are all crafted from locally sourced, sustainable wood.

Our dedication to responsible and ethical sourcing practices means we can create breathtaking wooden gifts, without harming the environment.

With each order, we plant a tree, so that whatever we take from the earth, we are replenishing.

Along with being a greener choice of gift, our unusual wooden gifts are also one of a kind. Set apart from mass-produced items commonly found in stores, each item is lovingly handcrafted, meaning no two are alike.

In a world of consumerism, give your loved ones the refreshing gift of a 100% unique, handmade wooden gift from The Wooden Gem!

Handmade wooden trinket pod by The Wooden Gem

The Wooden Gem Has The Best Unique Wooden Gift Ideas For Christmas 2023!

Choosing the perfect gift this Christmas doesn’t have to be a chore. Take a look at The Wooden Gem’s range of wooden wonders to find unique wooden gift ideas!

From our Maple Chopping Board, our Walnut Chopping Board, our tealight holders and trinket pods and our much loved Iroko Chopping Board, we’ve got something for everyone.

If you’re craving more, we have more unusual wooden gifts! From serving platters, wooden coasters and eco-friendly air fresheners, browse our shop for more!

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