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Jan 10, 2023 | Products, Inspiration, The Wooden Gem

What Makes Handmade Wooden Gift Ideas So Attractive And Timeless?

Well, we are often faced with the task of finding unique handmade wooden gift ideas that the recipient won’t already have. Not to mention the added challenge of finding something that someone else may not have thought of purchasing for them. This is where our unique handmade wooden gifts come in. Let’s face it, handmade wooden items never fail to impress. They hold true charm and always manage to attract attention. It can prove difficult to come across these kinds of wooden gifts online. Especially if you have something specific in mind. Do you have a particular hardwood that you know the recipient will love? if you’re anything like me, I long for matching wood, colour, and grain around the home. To allow these gift items to become a theme in their own right. 

The vast world of handmade wooden gift ideas has proven an ever-increasing demand over the years. And, with endless possibilities of wooden items available, you can be sure to find something for all occasions and lifestyles. Unique handmade wooden items such as wall plaques and wooden chopping boards are becoming a popular go-to gift idea within the gifting market. However, why do we consumers love handmade wooden items so much?


Why Handmade Wooden Gifts Are Ever-Growing In Popularity


Eco-friendly Handmade Wooden Gifts

One of the most current and predictable shopping behaviours is the will to buy a product that is sustainably sourced. Followed closely by the desire for packaging that is recyclable or sustainable. Through the increasing awareness of the importance to protect and preserve our planet. An ever-increasing number of UK shoppers are making efforts to shop in a more environmentally friendly way. That’s why The Wooden Gem provides plastic-free and unique handmade wooden products. Uniquely handcrafted from ethical sources with packaging that is 100% Eco-friendly.


Handmade Wooden Goods

Purchasing a unique handmade gift for a loved one, a wooden gift especially provides a feeling of thoughtfulness and consideration. For the recipient, this kind of gesture really goes a long way! A feeling that true thought has gone into the choosing of their wooden gift. This always feels so much nicer than a mass-produced alternative.


Local Business Support

Local woodworkers add more than just their handmade wooden items to the surrounding areas. Supporting local ‘lost’ trades is a popular and ever-growing way of life and long may it continue. Men and women within the woodworking community offer a real sense of support and camaraderie. Many artisans, especially woodworkers have a true passion and drive to make their communities a better place to live through their craft.


Non-Plastics Business


Making the change to plastic-free living can be difficult as an individual, and can be even more difficult when living at home with others. That’s why I have chosen a few select ways to reduce my plastics footprint. Such as buying fruit and veg as single items at the supermarket and even refraining from buying plastic gifts for loved ones. It feels good to know I am doing my part to help make a change!

Aiming to purchase plastic-free gifts feels such a worthwhile, yet, simple way of helping to reduce the world’s plastics going forward. It is surprising how a small shift in thinking will make such a huge difference to our plastics contributions in the years to come.



Tea Light Holders

If you’re looking for charm, our tea light holders are for you.

Everyone loves getting candles for Christmas. We don’t often buy them for ourselves, but we all enjoy their cosy glow, especially during the colder months.

However, what’s a candle without a nice holder? Here at The Wooden Gem, our unusual wooden gifts come in the shape of tea light holders too!

We are proud to supply handmade, unique wooden tea light holders to elevate any candle experience. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of our Walnut Pebble Tealight Holders or the sleek allure of our Spalted Wood Tealight Towers, you can rest assured that the elegance of these passionately crafted wooden pieces will be a joyous gift for anybody.

If you’re looking for unique wooden gift ideas for this Christmas, our handmade tea light holders are the perfect choice!


Trinket Pods

For that person who seems to have everything, why not offer them a place to keep it all?

Give your special someone a spot to keep their jewellery, keys, coins, and all those cherished little items! Our trinket pods are not just cute but practical too. Each one is carefully crafted with locally sourced wood, making it truly special.

Whether you choose the creamy tones of our Pinnacle Wooden Trinket Pod or the rustic charm of our Pebble Trinket Pod, these unusual wooden gifts from The Wooden Gem are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a Christmas gift that’s a little different!

Take a look at our trinket pods!


What Makes The Wooden Gem So Special?

Here at The Wooden Gem, we take immense pride in offering gorgeous wooden gift ideas that are all crafted from locally sourced, sustainable wood.

Our dedication to responsible and ethical sourcing practices means we can create breathtaking wooden gifts, without harming the environment.

With each order, we plant a tree, so that whatever we take from the earth, we are replenishing.

Along with being a greener choice of gift, our unusual wooden gifts are also one of a kind. Set apart from mass-produced items commonly found in stores, each item is lovingly handcrafted, meaning no two are alike.

In a world of consumerism, give your loved ones the refreshing gift of a 100% unique, handmade wooden gift from The Wooden Gem!

Handmade wooden trinket pod by The Wooden Gem

The Wooden Gem Has The Best Unique Wooden Gift Ideas For Christmas 2023!

Choosing the perfect gift this Christmas doesn’t have to be a chore. Take a look at The Wooden Gem’s range of wooden wonders to find unique wooden gift ideas!

From our Maple Chopping Board, our Walnut Chopping Board, our tealight holders and trinket pods and our much loved Iroko Chopping Board, we’ve got something for everyone.

If you’re craving more, we have more unusual wooden gifts! From serving platters, wooden coasters and eco-friendly air fresheners, browse our shop for more!

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